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 Janet Keen

 Situated on the edge of a volcanic crater and surrounded by the  thermal activity of mud pools, geysers  and steaming lakes, Rotorua is a  beautiful  spiritual setting from which to produce and teach  art and mosaics . I have lived here for 14 years; originally arriving from the Waikato after a  year long working holiday  in Melbourne, Australia.

Our family spent a lot of time at Kinloch,  Lake Taupo  because we built a bach there when I was quite young.  Volcanic rock collecting , fishing, boating, bush walking and swimming have always been an important  part of my life; along with making  things out of found objects. 

I  travel overseas on holidays  most years with my adventure loving husband Graham Hardman who is  a Design Engineer and also my Web Designer. I am always really inspired by the art and food that I experience in other countries;  especially Austrailia. Holidays for me are chances to create visual diaries, collect inspiring ideas for my mosaic work and paintings and to take lots of photographs. 

 I have a Bachelor of Arts, a Certificate in Craft  Design Maori,  a Diploma in Fine Arts and a  Certificate in Adult Teaching .

My work experience includes Newspaper Advertising, Feature Writing , Marketing, Museum Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Colour Consulting and Art Teaching. I regularly exhibit with other professional and emerging  artists in solo and group exhibitions.  My  paintings and ceramic sculptures have been represented in New Zealand Galleries and in private collections both nationally and internationally.

 My paintings, assemblages and collages often reflect my  response to my  environment. I am really interested in re-cycling and organic gardening ; themes which are recurrent  in my work. I also like to create abstract, textural  surfaces in my paintings and on my painted tile work; while incorporating unusual materials and found objects. 

I enjoy teaching a wide range  people; I have pupils aged from 6 to 76; they have wonderful ideas and  I love  helping them to build on these.  I do not adhere to the philosophy that it is only "talented " people who can make  art. I think that we all have the power to be creative and to produce wonderful results but we need to be nurtured and encouaraged and  above all we have to keep on practising. An excellent way to practise is to buy a visual diary and fill it up. 

I enjoy practising  to be a children's book illustrator. I often spend time in the excellent Rotorua Public Library poring over  illustrated childrens books.  I  have attended a number of courses on this subject and one of my goals is to actually write and illustrate a children's book  before I am 50. I am also investigating compiling a New Zealand mosaic book. 

In the words of Piccasso:  "Painting is just another way of keeping  a diary" and "Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one once  you grow up".

I am available for commission work and welcome  any queries about art related matters. I hope you enjoy my website; while finding it informative and useful. 

Cheers Janet :)

PS. I love finding  comments in my guest book, so please feel free to write one. 

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